Why did i decide to get my personal training qualification

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I remember when the idea first came into my head about getting my personal training qualification. I’d only been at Pure Gym a few months and I decided to do some research on different courses I could enrol on. Oh my days there are soo many out there!! After spending a few weeks searching the internet for different courses, getting in touch with different companies and actually at that point thinking “I’ll never be able to do this or afford this!” The very next day I was in the gym on the treadmill when an announcement came on the TV about training to become a PT and if you are interested to speak to one of the team. I remember going into work that day and speaking to my friend Nisha and telling her about the announcement in the gym. She agreed that it was definitely a sign and that I should contact the gym. I said “Right i am going to email Pav and ask her about it!” Pav at the time was the Assistant Manager of the Gym and honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I emailed her that day and she arranged for me to meet her at the gym later that week. 

I met Pav a few days later and she was the one that introduced me to PT Academy. I called PT Academy the next day and I was delighted to hear that I only had to pay a small deposit upfront and the rest I could pay monthly with no extra cost. I actually came off the phone and cried happy tears, I had been so worried from a financial point of view that I wouldn't be able to do the course. So I was over the moon! And once again this was another sign that I was doing the right thing! The cherry on the cake was that I didn't have to give up my weekends or evenings to go to a class for the course, I could do it at home learner which meant it wouldn't affect my day job or take over my weekends. I was super excited.

Originally, Pav was going to be my course mentor. Unfortunately for me (at the time) she gained a promotion to General Manager so she explained that it wasn't fair to me to still be my mentor as she wouldn't be able to give me the time i needed. It was bittersweet for me - I was so happy for her, for getting her promotion, I mean the woman is AMAZING!! Though I’d be lying if I didn't say part of me was absolutely gutted and slightly worried about who was going to be my mentor!!! Though I didn't need to worry as my new assigned mentor Chris was an absolutely legend, he is so supportive and encouraging and honestly I couldn't have asked for a better mentor!

But why did i decide to sign up for the qualification? 

Joining Pure Gym in January this year was one of the best things I’ve ever done! In fact Pure Gym has changed my life! And no, I am not exaggerating one bit, it has helped to transform my body, helped build my confidence & now its changing my career and in turn, my life.

After falling in love with the gym to the point where I loved anything fitness! I knew in my gut the gym was where I wanted to be on a daily basis. A few weeks after I joined the gym I set myself a 12 week transformation challenge, I could not believe how much i had transformed my body in just 12 weeks!

(Pictures below)  

The way it made me feel on the outside was incredible and my insides were loving it too. I dropped just over a stone in weight, 4.5% body fat and I lost over 20cm across my bust, waist and hips! I couldn't believe the results! 

Seeing how I was able to transform my body made me passionate about helping others transform there’s too! For the last 22 months I’ve been on the most incredible journey. I’ve been through all the emotions, the ups, the downs and I know how scary the thought of joining a gym and wanting to lose weight is. I am prepared to give up a job I’ve been doing for 10 years to help others achieve their goals and body transformations. I want to share all the things I’ve learnt when it comes to nutrition and exercise. 
Emotionally I've been through them all! I’ve had days where I’ve wanted to smash the scales with a hammer, I've had days where I've eaten nothing but junk but one thing is for sure I've never given up. My mindset is now in a completely different place and when it comes to others, I couldn't be more positive. And I believe that ones of the best attributes  about me is I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt! So when my future clients say to me “I’m scared”, “I can’t”, “I want to give up”, “I need chocolate” I’ll be able to sympathise and help through my personal experiences.

I’m so excited that I am so close to being a qualified PT. I’m really looking forward to helping people 1:1 in the gym but also having the opportunity to help others, to help you reading this article! 
I described my journey as going from a sad caterpillar to a happy butterfly and I want to help more people transform into the happy, free butterfly that they are! I want to encourage them to be more positive, help them to lose weight, get fit and change their life, just like I did!

Sammie xxx

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