Who Is Sammie?

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Who is Sammie? Should I read her blog? Of course I’m going to say yes, what’s the worst that can happen? You fall asleep with boredom? (Then you can read it before bed!) Take a chance!

Hey everyone! I’m Samantha though my friends call me Sammie never Sam - thats a boys name (thats what I used to tell everyone when I was little!) Im nearly 32, Im a scorpio. Oh and yes, I definitely do have sting in my tail from time to time!! I have a wonderful family which includes a fabulous sister and two brothers and our gorgeous pet chihuahua Lacie who I am sure will make her debut soon!!

I really enjoy baking- cupcakes are my favourite. I love the gym and all things fitness, I love eating (who doesn't?) I love Harry Potter and Disney but what I love most is helping people and this was the main reason for starting my blog. I wanted to share with you as many tips as I can- videos, fitness tips and my weight loss journey, as well as personal issues that I've had to deal with. I know through the last 22 months that I've been on my journey I've leant a lot from other people, however there have also been times that I've struggled with certain issues and feelings and I really wish that someone would have understood. Do you get me?

Over the last 22 months I have been on the most incredible weight loss journey. I have lost a grand total of 3.5 stone and I do feel amazing on the outside for it. Ive been through every emotion possible over that time. Ive had days where I've wanted to smash the scales with a hammer, I've had days where I’ve wanted to give in, I have had days where I've eaten nothing but crap! Though one important thing I've learnt is don't judge your journey by others!! Like many of you I’ve read lots of different blogs and different magazine articles over the years and often thought to myself one day I’d love to be a writer and I want to have my own website. Well I never though I’d actually be the one setting up my own website its so crazy how my life has changed in the last 22 months! I decided that after going on an incredible weight loss journey and losing three and a half stone that it was time to start my own blog.

My contact email is in a link to this website so if you want to contact me feel free, if you want me to blog about any specific subjects then just let me know and il’l do my best to blog about it. One thing for sure with my blog/website is there isn't any rules and won’t be. 

It will mainly focus on weight loss and fitness but it will be about other things too! However one thing is for sure it will always be honest and from the heart!


Sammie xxx
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