Why did I call my Personal Training Business "Metamorphosis"??

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Why did I call my business "Metamporhosis" and choose the colour scheme turquoise and purple? The reason that I chose Metamorphosis as my name is pretty simple really. Some may say that it's cheesy but I each to their own! 

So the day I started my journey on Wednesday 6th Jan 2016, I joined a local Slimming World group and one of the things you have to do when you join is fill out a form and one of the questions it asks you is "Why you have joined?" I wrote that I wanted to go from a sad caterpillar to a happy butterfly. And that’s what I did. I was literally so unconfident I hated leaving the house, I hated the reflection I saw in the mirror and I desperately wanted my life to change.

 By April 2017 I'd got to my slimming world target weight of losing 3 stone, I really felt like a different person. I chose not to return to Slimming World after I'd got to my Slimming world target (more about that in anther blog) I went on to lose another 7lb reaching a total weight loss of 3.5stone and that was the turning point really of the whole journey. 

That's when I enrolled on my Personal Training course and that's when I felt like on the exteria I was at the right place. The butterfly was free. I know how scary it is when you commit to wanting to transform your body and to me Metamporhosis is good way to name that process. Because being that butterfly I felt beautiful and I felt free to spread my wings. Since losing my weight I have and am still doing stuff I would never have dreamed of before.  

So what's with my colour scheme? Why purple and turquoise? Well the purple is easy to explain - that's my favourite colour and come on a girl has to include her favourite colour, right? One of Pure Gym's main colours in their colour scheme is turquoise so it had to be included in my colour scheme. I bet your thinking that's because I work there and by thinking that you would be wrong. I chose turquoise yes because of Pure Gym but not because I now work at Pure Gym. Without Pure Gym I do not believe that I would be a Persnal Trainer. I believe that everything happens for a reason! When I joined Pure Gym Snowhill I hired a Personal Trainer called Craig, he helped me fall back in love with fitness and help me on the start of my gym journey. If I hadn't have joined Pure Gym I wouldn't have met Craig who was the one that introduced me to Pav (then assistant manager at Snow Hill Pure Gym) who encouraged me to also follow my ambition of training to be a PT and she was the one that introduced me to PT academy. So I had to include turquoise because hand on heart things might be very different now if a) I didn't join slimming world and start my journey off and b) join pure gym. 

 So whether I stay at Pure Gym forever or not, my colour scheme will always include the pure gym turquoise because I think it's important not to forget where you came from. 

Sammie xxx
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